Steps to Buying a Home

Buying a home is so exciting and its truly known as to be a quintessential part of the “American Dream” Purchasing a home is always a great choice when and if you are ready. The key is to understand the entire buying process and how each step can affect your investment returns. It essential to be an informed buyer.

What are the steps in buying a new home? Well, it takes time. There is more to purchasing a home than just scrolling and dreaming away.

Here are some quick tips and tricks in helping you understand the buying process.

  1. Identify your Goal – It is essential for you to understand and know what your long-term goals are. Whether its for yourself or your family, you will need to know what works best for you.
  • What are your goals?
  • How much can you afford?
  • What is the ideal home for my budget?

2. Find the right lender– It is often a shock to people when they learn that per-qualifications can take less than 15 minutes.Even if you are not so sure if buying a home is right for you at this time, you should meet with a loan officer to discuss your options.

  • Find a lender  you trust (perhaps a bank)
  • Get pre-qualified
  • Receive loan estimates, outlining the costs associated with your purchase

3, Find an Agent– Research agents and see how they could fit in to what you are looking for

  • Find an agent with recommendations from your friends & family
  • Look for the right homes considering your budget, amenities, and neighborhood
  • Discuss your offer with agent

4. Complete Home Inspection and Appraisal

  • Research policies , ask questions about coverage insurance ( flood, break & entry, personal property)

5. Closing

  • Closing is the process of transferring ownership to the buyer. You will receive a Closing Disclosure a few days prior to closing. IT is important to read this closely.
  • At closing you will be given the property document to sign off on. Congrats you are done!





Making Moves

Living with Intention

Its been a whole year now that I have been out of school and doing the work thing. I have meant to write more after school as I thought that I would have “more time”. Boy, how was I wrong about that?

Creating white space and learning to live more with intention is one thing that is new to me but something that I want to continue learning about and practice daily. I hope to live more intentionally. This, I mean by living with purpose. Living a life that is more than just 1 page and taking time to know myself and understand what my heart truly yearns for. In the past year, I have been doing a lot of thinking. I have been moving very slowly in this process but even baby footprints in the right direction are still leading me to the right path.

There are many ideas in my mind of where I want to go and where I want to end up right now I know that I do know for sure that want to go back to school.


Here are some of my options:


Doing My Masters:

Why? Aligns to where I already have my degree and aligns with a lot of my credentials

Pros: Work said that they would pay for some schooling if it aligns to what I am doing with work. Will also take about 2 years to complete. Can build on my skill set while working.

Cons: wont be making a lot of money while I am in school, staying in Kamloops to save money for life.


Immigration Consulting:

Why? Always had an interest in immigration. New University- something to gain knowledge in and fits into what I want to do in the future

Pros: flexible as it is online, could work with where I want to go

Cons: won’t be making a lot of money, online course, 4 year degree


The other option is to find work more fulfilling to my goals. I am also currently doing my Yoga Instructor Training Course. I am keeping my options open but letting God lead the way !


It’s been a couple of years since I actually wrote in this blog. I always thought about writing again but never got the time. I know its not much of an excuse but life DOES happen… Writing is definitely an escape for me and I am just learning again to take my time to practice what I love and take time for myself and do the things in which I love doing.The last couple of years were tough with school, my daughter, and so many personal changes happening in my life such as relationships and really learning to be more independent.

I have just graduated my University Degree. I initially did not plan to go to the ceremony but  it was my best friends that really encouraged me to walk that day. I was so blessed to have my best friends there beside me cheering me on I also had my brother, my daughter, my cousin, and my aunt who were also cheering for me from the bleachers. I feel very blessed to have finally graduated as the past few years were not easy, as I struggled with depression and anxiety through the last couple of years of my schooling.

The thought of having graduated is quite unreal still and it is still sinking in . I am not sure what I want to do in terms of going back to school and/or finding work. I am currently working as a part-time HR Assistant at Cascades Casino , Kamloops as well as working part-time as sever/hostess at MATCH which is a restaurant inside the Casino.  This summer I plan to stay in town and keep my positions at the Casino. I hope to find a full time HR position in the near future and plan on moving to a new city to really get the feeling of how it is to  be away from the city I was born and raised in.

Although there were so many challenges I have faced and conquered I know there will be so much more ahead of me and I am very eager to conquer and accomplish all that I can.





Summer time fun.

fashionista2015-07-19 16.21.102015-08-01 20.14.10-1

My baby girl is growing so fast and is already 2 and half years old. Summer is almost at its end but I’m pleased to say that I had fun! This summer was full of activities and happenings and I had a great time spending the summer with my daughter Rebecca. Rebecca is a very active girl and she is one of those kids who can never seem to sit down for longer then 10 minutes. She’s always wanting to do something and be engaged with fun activities. Her favourite place to go to in the summer is to the swimming pool or the water park at Riverside Park. She loves the outdoors and absolutely loves playing in water.

Rebecca has grown so much this summer. It makes me wonder how does time pass by so quickly?

My Funny Easter

Well it’s about 4 hours till the end of the long weekend. I enjoyed my break despite getting a bit of the flu for and a terrible stomach ache on Sunday, I feel that it was still a fun and well-needed relaxing break to spend time with family and catch up some sleep!

This year was my daughters second Easter. It was really fun because this time around she had more sense of what was going around and she got to discover what Easter is all about well in some way or another… On Friday we went to the church together she sat on my lap and she listened to the story of Jesus and the last supper. Kids don’t always listen in church but I feel that bringing her was a special time to bond and bring her up understanding that there is more to Easter then the Easter Bunny and Chocolate.

On Saturday I surprised my little girl with a basket of chocolate eggs and an Easter Dress she wore to church that day. She was so happy she started clapping and thanking me for giving her the surprise. It’s always a wonderful feeling to see and watch her face light up. I watched her as she explored her Easter basket it was funny because I found she was more delighted in opening and receiving the actual basket and unwrapping paper of the eggs then what was actually inside. Its funny thing how kids see the world through simplicity…

IMG_9247 (1)

Pride Awareness Week


I have a strong belief that people should freely love who they choose to love.

Why hate against love ?

Today was the first day of Pride Awareness Week at Thompson River’s University. I was glad to take part in the event today and help the Pride Club spread the awareness of Pride. Although I am straight, I believe people should love and be who they are want as long as they are not hurting people in the end.

For Pride Awareness Week – we want to spread the awareness and knowledge about different subjects of pride and gender to people who may not know about the different terms and the reasoning behind the avocation. Its is easy for people to be very one sided to what they think pride may be. I have learned through the years you cannot judge a person by your own thoughts ,opinions, and what you learn just from a third party. You can never seek truth about things until you seek to understand and be open to learning the truth from the real people who know it, and learned through experience.

This week I hope to learn and also open the eyes of other to seek understanding. Not throw info down there throats but let them know there is more to the black and white of people.

Here are some of the topics that we are focusing on this week :

Monday- Orientation and Attraction

Tuesday- Biological Sex

Wednesday-Gender Identity

Thursday – Gender Expression


My Gender Bread Person ( No I’m not very artistic but I try)


Josie Ahlquist- Digital Day & Age

2 weeks a go I had the opportunity to go an event that featured Josie Alhquist. Josie is currently a doctorate student at a Lutheran University in California with a Masters Degree in Counseling. She is a speaker, blogger, and author of many popular books that focuses on digital leadership which is directed to student leaders and university faculty.

At her event she talk about talked about the ever changing world and how the importance of being up-to -date on the technology has become in our world today. In her talk she talked to student about having a digital identity. Knowing what you want to display and knowing how you want others to perceive you and learning how to brand yourself.

I found that her talk was very enriching because it lead me to do a reflection of why and how I want others want to see me in the digital world.